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the space


what is The Space?

The Space is a ministry for  youth and young adults in Visalia, California that has been growing since 2013. 

At the heart of our ministry is the belief that every human being is made in the image of God, body and spirit, and is designed by Him to be the space where His glory dwells. As such, personal identity can be found only within the context of an ongoing love-relationship with Father God through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and His Spirit.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


claim back the God-given identity of gen z

  • Explore questions of identity with youth 

  • Value the body and honor gender

  • Promote life-oriented sexual choices

  • Protect kids from irreversible decisions

  • Provide space to heal and connect

  • Teach a biblical worldview on gender and sexuality

  • Train leaders from Gen Z as ambassadors of grace

  • Equip churches to receive the sexually broken


what drives us

We believe that through the finished work of Jesus Christ on behalf of sinners, God enters the human heart in love, washes it clean of guilt and shame, fills it with his presence, and tends to it daily as his most precious place on earth (1 Pet 3:4).​We believe that Gen Z is under attack in this most precious place, constantly bombarded by input from social media, the internet, and an agenda that urges them to define themselves and their value apart from God.​ We protect space and time for young people to know God so that they can begin to understand their true identity as precious sons and daughters of God.

Teenagers in Nature

our calling










how does it work?

The Space has two branches: the Life House and the Vision School of Leadership. 

The Life House serves Jr. High - Young Adults by focusing in on what it takes for Gen Z's reconnection to community and the world around them. The Life House hosts events and consists of programs that focus on building connection, fostering joy, and creating safe space for all to come and be loved well.


The Vision School of Leadership is a program we are currently building for Gen Z young adults. This program focuses on equipping Young Adults with truth about their identity in order to empower them with clarity, confidence, and support as they step into adulthood.

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