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the life house


The Space Life House exists to create a spiritual home and family environment for Gen Z to begin and continue forming a sustainable connection with God and his people. This environment makes space for God to meet people in deliverance, healing, and discipleship, with special attention in the realm of identity and sexuality. 


Our approach stems from the teachings of neuroscientist and theologian Jim Wilder. Wilder teaches that joy is the beginning of all attachment, growth, transformation, and leadership. The attachment center of the brain is called the “joy center,” and is the one area of the brain that can be rebuilt later in life even after the rest of the brain has finished developing. Wilder says that only through identity (who am I?) flowing from attachment (who do I belong to?) can lasting transformation take place.

We believe that joy is relational and is the most powerful way to access identity, connection, and transformation. The Life House is our vision for how to work this out in our community.

why is it important to have a separate space to reconnect?

Our approach to some of the breakdown in Gen Z is not just to preach truth but to do so in a context where they are actively rebuilding their sense of identity and belonging through joy and attachment.


We have a desire for this house to be a place for children, youth, and young adults to learn and engage in a wide variety of tangible and physical experiences, learning skills, trying new things, and getting exposed to creation in fun and imaginative ways with an emphasis on doing so together. 

The house itself is a place where the people of God can connect with Gen Z in person. We want to create opportunities to engage with this generation in the truth, but we recognize that their sense of reality and truth have been eroded through a loss of attachment to creation, family, their own bodies, the future, and with God. 


we need your help

We need a wide variety of community members to bring who they are and open themselves up to fun afternoons and evenings with kids. 


Currently, our administrative location is serving as a place where we can begin to develop some of the types of interactions that we hope to do more of in the future. However, because our facilities are limited, we’re looking for a house that can facilitate a lot of focused, organized activity. We’ve had our eye on a house near COS for two years that would be ideal for this vision. 


For many people, this house will be their first safe and comfortable engagement with people who understand a biblical worldview and what it means to be male and female in God’s image. We want this house to pave the way for more meaningful and direct transformation and encounters with God.

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