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the vision school


Gen Z, anyone born between 1995- 2013, is shutting down rapidly in their ability to make decisions, manage time and resources, narrow their focus to what they are individually good at doing, and in their ability to take risks in areas such as dating and marriage, investment of time and money, and how they spend their health and energy. We want to awaken and support them in these ways as they enter adulthood.


The Bible states clearly that where there is a lack of vision people perish; that a people cannot sustain commitment to the kingdom of God where they lack hope (a "dawn"), and that the only way to survive a societal moral meltdown is to keep ourselves in the love of God which guarantees a glorious future (Prov 29:18; Is 8:20; Jude 21; 1 Pet 1:3-9).


The Vision School invests in Gen Z young adults to: 

  1. awaken vision for the future of the family, Church, and society 

  2. support the work of growth necessary to fulfill that vision 


We do so by providing teaching, conversation, support, and training to help them succeed in

  • a sustainable walk with God

  • real life relationships

  • and a healthy connection to the world around them

There has been a severe lack of investment in the deep relationship and Christian discipleship of young adults, something they desperately want and need in order to become healthy and successful adults. This lack has contributed to a generation that feels largely paralyzed when it comes to their future. 

But hope and joy are not far off. At the Vision School, we’re here to come alongside students and help them grow in clarity and confidence for the life they were made to live.


clarity around the concept of identity

  • what identity is

  • how it’s formed in the human brain

  • who we actually are (as humans and as individuals, biblically)

  • who the source of our identity is (God, not ourselves)


  • input from older generations that is neither controlling nor agenda-driven, but is motivated purely out of joy and hope

  • meaningful, visionary conversations with peers around future goals

  • interest in long-range love for those who follow us

  • developing a voice specific to Gen Z that can bridge understanding and communication across generations for greater collaboration and resources



what does older gen z need?

  • biblical training on the value of gender 

  • reset of sexuality purity and perspective

confidence on questions around sexuality

  • integration of body and spirit (inside and outside)

  • integration between what you want and what you do

  • integration between your life as an individual and your life as part of a group

an interest in leading a life of integrity




  • for individual future (purity, integrity, work ethic, etc)

  • for collective generational future (society, marriage, etc)

  • for the kingdom of God (the church, impact on society, etc)


what do we need?



We need Christians who can participate at a lowkey level just to meet young adults who are in the school with the understanding that these young adults need relationships, support, resources, and spiritual family to succeed.



We need funding to grow and support our staff, to make a way for outreach events in our community and surrounding areas, and to help us cultivate a culture of hospitality for Gen Z.


Relationships with churches 

We want to get young adults into church, not out of church. We are looking for local churches build relationship with in order to empower young adults.

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