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The Need

Our culture has changed a lot over a short period of time, and local churches are finding they have as many questions as answers.


"How do we unite our people in an age of so much controversy?"


"How do we engage young people in the 'identity' conversation in a way that preserves truth yet provides for authentic transformation?"


"What does the Bible say about gender?"

What we offer churches and leaders...

  • Updates about what's happening locally so you can understand why kids say the things they do

  • A fresh and innovative articulation of the Bible's theology of gender and sexuality that you can adapt to your congregation to help them navigate the conversation biblically

  • Strategies and insight into why Gen Z is running for the world's identity agenda, and what they're really looking for

  • Encouragement from other leaders to stick to the plan (the gospel) in ways that will push back evil, one life at a time

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