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The Need

The biblical worldview on gender and sexuality is good news for men and women, and young people need to hear this good news. They need to meet the God of life, the God of love, the God in whose image they were made. They need to discover their place in the world and learn to see God's goodness in creation. In an age where Christian conversations on sex and gender are confusing and heavy, there has never been a better time to hear the good news of what it means to be created in God's image, male and female.

What we offer our community...

  • "The Life Matrix" - a biblically grounded, thorough teaching about the God-given meaning of sexuality and the value of being male or female

  • One-on-one conversations to guide young people in discovering and celebrating their personal identity in the context of knowing God

  • A community of peers who are resisting the culture's identity-through-sexuality agenda

  • Connections with caring people across generational divides

  • Rediscovery of the world we live in through the lens of God's goodness and love 

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