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The Need

The "identity-through-sexuality" agenda prompts children, teens, and young adults to question their sexuality and gender in order to discover their true identity. This agenda awakens the human spiritual need for meaning, source, and purpose, and then immediately truncates the process of true development and fulfillment by feeding kids answers long before they are able to navigate questions of sexuality. As young people experiment with their sexuality in order to discover their identity, they are led into making life-changing, physically and spiritually harmful decisions that only confuse them more. 

All of this finds its way into kids' minds directly through social media and subversive strategies in schools which leave parents and pastors uninformed and helpless to know how to help.

This is a generation under ruthless attack.

What we offer Generation Z...

  • Space and time to hear your story and help tracing your path back to your core need for God

  • Opportunities to be prayed for and connect to other Christian young people to be transformed into your true self as God's child, one day at a time, from the inside out

  • Connections to local churches where you can continue to pursue a relationship with God in the body of Christ

  • Help overcoming unwanted feelings and behaviors that lead to shame and alienation from others and God

  • Fun activities that awaken your mind and senses to the beauty and goodness of the world we are a part of, and help finding your place in it

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