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What's a brineknit? 

Glad you asked.

This is a brineknit:


A brineknit is, in fact, more than a thing. It's a memory. A relic. A monument. In August 2019 a few of our founders were going through a rough time, in need of friendship, encouragement, and confirmation of God's love and the power of his gospel to unite his people in love. I'm sure you've been through a similar time.

Well, we went camping together, fled to the hills as people sometimes do when the world gets ugly and heavy.

The story of the brineknit started on that camping trip. Someone found a stick. The very stick, in fact, that you see in the picture above. As often happens on camping trips, the stick became an inside joke and started getting passed around as if it was worth its weight in gold. If you happened to be in possession of the brineknit at any point in time, it was your honor. The brineknit was treasured, and bestowed on various campers as a reward for telling a good joke or doing something nice for someone. 

It wasn't really a brineknit proper, though, until someone named it. Once the Brineknit had a name, its legacy was set, and it became a symbol of the joy, the love, the laughter and creative quirkiness of that friendship that was so needed at just the right time. The friendship that confirmed God's unique love for his people that shows in our love for one another.

Not too long after we came down the mountain, the Brineknit was cast in the monument pictured above, to commemorate not just a camping trip but a commitment to the love of God that heals, comforts, and provides. That's why we named our non-profit, which would come a few months later, after the Brineknit.


We want Brineknit to be a ministry that sees hope and beauty in God's people, and gets behind them as they struggle to find expression to the gospel. Brineknit supports Bible-centered creativity, originality, and even at times (as this story suggests) quirkiness and the grief of not knowing what your purpose is. We know from experience that God's living word springs up in our hearts in all kinds of ways we'd never expect, like little shoots on a forest floor, even growing green and bright out of the pain and sorrow of this world.

And we believe that God picks each of his beloved children up, like the stick here, and gives us, out of the wisdom of his own heart, our worth, our purpose, our hope, and our name. And then he brings us to life, a monument of his love.

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