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Hannah would love to come speak to your group!

Hannah's calling is to bring hope and healing during the confusion of our times. Her gospel-oriented perspective on what is happening in the world is the product of many hours of time spent in prayer, God's word, and in individual and group conversations with Gen Z. What your group will gain by inviting her to come speak to your group is a fresh view of what's happening in the world in light of the promises and plans of God. She also brings practical solutions to debilitating relational and conversational conundrums that will open the way for richer conversations and growth in the families, churches, and organizations that follow Jesus.

Topics for leaders, parents, and older generations:

Understanding and Connecting with Gen Z

What makes Gen Z different from previous generations and why it can’t be ignored if we want them to succeed in life, faith, and the future. 

The Good News

Can the confusion and questioning that’s happening with students about their sexuality and faith lead them to the Good News of the Gospel? How to go from frustration and overwhelm to hope and joy in the midst of what’s happening currently in our culture.

Courage to Parent

Whether we want to or not, our kids need our help in navigating the cultural questions their generation is facing. Yet some of these questions weren’t questions parents faced when we were teens and young adults. You’ll be given updated language and perspective into how Gen Z thinks so you can stay connected to your kids as they grow.

Understanding Identity and How it’s Formed

Identity is a current buzzword. This teaching by Hannah blends brain science insights gained from Jim Wilder and Life Model Works and God’s design to understand what happens in our brains as our identity is forming. Knowing who we belong to informs who we are. Identity is not self-defined, it is formed in the brain from day 1 in infancy through attachment, belonging, and joy. This teaching is on how to help Gen Z return to their real identities as children of God in his image.

Topics for teens and young adults (12-30):

Maintaining Connection Without Compromising

How can I engage with people who don’t hold a Biblical worldview? If you find yourself afraid of saying the wrong thing but know you can’t stay silent, this class will give confidence to engage with others with language that is full of mercy and truth.

The Heart

Our hearts were made to bear good fruit, but pain gets in the way. Hannah walks through a helpful tool on how to recognize what is happening in our hearts and keep them places where life can grow. This teaching will not only help you navigate pain in your own heart, but also better understand and know how to respond to pain in others.

The Life Matrix 

A Biblical worldview on gender and sexuality that can be adapted for high school students, young adults, parents & grandparents, or youth leaders. *Please see the Life Matrix page for more details.


Please contact us if you would like Hannah to come speak to your group, congregation, leaders, youth or young adults! Click the button below to let us know what content topics you are interested in.

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