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We support a number of projects that we believe will bring truth and transformation to our times. When you give to Brineknit, these projects are sustained. Please explore our projects by clicking the links below.

The Space Life House

Call To Life Podcast 

Life Matrix (biblical worldview on gender and sexuality)

SHEMA Bible Choir

Our flagship project - the one we believe is critical to the times in which we live - is The Space Life House. This ministry draws in the best of what we are doing into one comprehensive local ministry to Gen Z.  You can learn more about The Space here

In the future, we believe our vision for The Space will be carried into other communities as the need for this ministry exists nationwide. When you donate to Brineknit, you are investing not only in our community here in Visalia, CA, but also in a nationwide move of God to claim back territory that rightfully belongs to Christ: the heart of a generation.

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